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Chinese Lilac
Chinese Lilac

Latest Price & Discount Chinese Lilac
The Chinese Lilac, Syringa Chinensis, is a large round-headed shrub that can be used as a single specimen or as a background border or screening planting. It produces an excellent floral display in early May. The flower color is lilac purple. Flowers are produced in 4-5" long panicles after the foliage emerges. It is a profuse bloomer with fragrant flowers covering much of the plant. Renewal pruning to remove a few older canes each year will help keep the plant full to the base. Prune after flowering for best landscape effect.
Miss Kim Lilac
Miss Kim Lilac

Latest Price & Discount Miss Kim Lilac
The Lilac' Miss Kim', Syringa patula 'Miss Kim', is a very popular shrub. It is thought by many to be the number one Lilac in the Midwestern United States. It has an abundance of fragrant blossoms in spring that are dark lavender-pink in bud and fade to a very soft lavender-pink when fully opened. This shrub is resistant to powdery mildew, but suffers under prolonged drought conditions, when it may drop many of its leaves. The Miss Kim Lilac makes a wonderful shrub for foundation plantings.
James Macfarlane Lilac
James Macfarlane Lilac

Latest Price & Discount James Macfarlane Lilac
The Lilac 'James Macfarlane', Syringa presoniae 'James Macfarlane', blooms two weeks later than Syringa vulgaris types. The true single pink flowers bloom freely. It is extremely hardy and adaptable, withstanding moisture conditions fatal to vulgaris hybrids. This lilac has an upright shape. The large clusters of deliciously scented flowers bloom in May and June and are attractive to butterflies. Lilacs should be grown in fertile, humus-rich, well drained soil.
Korean Lilac
Korean Lilac

Latest Price & Discount Korean Lilac
Common Purple Lilac
Common Purple Lilac

Latest Price & Discount Common Purple Lilac
Persian Lilac
Persian Lilac

Latest Price & Discount Persian Lilac
White Persian Lilac
White Persian Lilac

Latest Price & Discount White Persian Lilac
Miss Canada Lilac
Miss Canada Lilac

Latest Price & Discount Miss Canada Lilac