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Andorra Compacta Juniper
Andorra Compacta Juniper

Latest Price & Discount Andorra Compacta Juniper
The Juniper Andorra Compacta, 'Juniperus 'Andora Compacta', is an excellent groundcover with its compact dense foliage. The Andorra Compacta displays four season interest with the bright green new growth in spring, the deep green color in the summer, the bronze-green color in the fall, and the unique bronze-purple winter color. The Andorra Compacta Juniper is used as a foundation plant, in rock gardens, and as a ground cover. Prune in the early summer if shaping is needed.
Blue Rug Juniper
Blue Rug Juniper

Latest Price & Discount Blue Rug Juniper
The Juniper Blue Rug, 'Juniperus horizontalis Wiltonii', is an excellent ground cover or bank planting with it low growing thick foliage. The Blue Rug is so named because of its silver-blue color and low growing habit. Blue Rug will do well in almost any well drained soil and needs moderate moisture. This is the lowest growing of all Juniper plants and they will even cascade over walls. Prune young shoots to encourage branching, but older branches may not produce new growth.
Prince of Wales Juniper
Prince of Wales Juniper

Latest Price & Discount Prince of Wales Juniper
The Juniper Prince of Wales, 'Juniperus horizontalis 'Prince of Wales', is an excellent groundcover which is relatively low-maintenance once established. Prince of Wales is also a good rock garden plant and it is good in mass plantings around homes and foundations. Prince of Wales is a good ground cover and it is useful for erosion control on slopes and banks. Prince of Wales exhibits medium green foliage with blue overtones which becomes tinged with purple in winter. The low spreading branches branches form a starburst pattern.
Sea Green Juniper
Sea Green Juniper

Latest Price & Discount Sea Green Juniper