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Cutting Edge Features Take Outdoor Power to New Level
As cabin fever gives way to spring fever, it's time to assess your outdoor power equipment needs. Besides drawing up a plan and getting the ground ready, it's important to have the right tools for the job.
Less Impact, More Fun!
For many homeowners, taking care of your lawn and landscape implies using large amounts of fertilizer and pesticides. This doesn't need to be. A new concept, Sustainable Landscaping, outlines steps that give you the results desired while reducing impa
Lawn Care Tips from the Mow Master
Is your green thumb brown? Don't know your thatch from your fungus? Put a little life in your lawn this spring with advice from John Deere's 'Mow Master' Bill Klutho.
Improve Your Home with Water Saving Ideas this Spring
Before you know it, temperatures will start warming up and you heating bills will drop. But with the arrival of spring and eventually summer, people will be spending more on their water bills. Keeping lawns green and flowers blooming takes water and lots of it.
Getting Yard Equipment Ready for Spring
It's that time of year when handheld outdoor power equipment is pulled from storage and pressed into service. It's also the time when this equipment should get its annual maintenance.
The Environmental Clean Machine: Your Lawn
What if there was a miraculous item that helped the earth, the air and our water supply all at the same time? In the United States, 53 million households have one, yet may underestimate its environmental benefits.
How to Water Wisely for a Better Lawn and Cost Savings
On average, nearly a third of the water used by households nationwide goes to maintaining landscapes and lawns. Improving outdoor watering efficiency is one of the easiest ways for homeowners to reduce their overall water usage -- and save money.
Get the Most Out of Your Machines with Easy Maintenance
Often overlooked or put off until later, preventative maintenance on mowers and outdoor power equipment should be priority number one before you begin spring outdoor projects.
Is Your Lawn Going Hungry?
If you're concerned about our global environment, try taking better care of your own lawn -- how you take care of your lawn can make our world a cleaner place. Thick, healthy grass reduces erosion, filters pollutants, provides natural cooling and cleaner air. One of the keys to thick, healthy turf is to follow an annual fertilizing program.
The Green Secret to Life
What's the secret to health and happiness? Look out your window for the answer. Caring for your lawn is an opportunity for exercise, fresh air and stress relief that results in a great-looking yard.
Less is More: Sustainable Summer Lawns
Getting outside and enjoying your lawn is one of the greatest joys of home ownership. Empty nesters, singles and those with kids all share the same thought: What can I do to have a great yard without being a slave to it? It's easy and less is more!
Keep Your Lawn and Garden Lush this Summer
Americans have a love affair with their lawns and gardens that will continue to heat up this summer, according to a new national study. The 'Why Americans DIY' Study of 1,000 American homeowners commissioned by Ace Hardware reveals that an overwhelming majority of American homeowners are active, do-it-yourself (DIY) landscapers.
Summer Lawn Secrets from the Mow Master
Whether there's midseason drought or a family vacation, keep your lawn green and healthy this summer with advice from John Deere's 'Mow Master' Bill Klutho.
Six Time Saving Tips For Managing Large Lawns
A large lawn doesn't have to dominate your home maintenance schedule. With the mowing tools available today, big lawns can be conquered faster than ever. Lawn care expert Dan Dorn offers six tips that will help you save time on your lawn maintenance this season, regardless of the size.
Fertilizers & Your Lawn
Fertilizers provide nutrients necessary for plant health and growth, such as
nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium
What is grasscycling
Grasscycling is the natural recycling of grass by leaving clippings on the lawn when mowing. Grass clippings will quickly decompose, returning valuable nutrients to the soil
Tips for successful grasscycling
Many people treat their lawns like a "crop:" they (over) water and
(over) fertilize their lawns to encourage excessive growth
Establishing a Waste Efficient Landscape
A landscape can be designed from the beginning to reduce the amount of resources needed to maintain it and the amount of waste it produces
Managing a Waste-Efficient Landscape
Realistically, every landscape requires some degree of maintenance that will produce trimmings, no matter how carefully it was designed or installed to prevent waste