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Hydrangeas for Everyone
Hydrangeas are among the most popular flowering garden plants. Prized for their huge, dramatic flowers, they can literally stop traffic. Yet cold winters and late frosts often damage the flower buds and prevent blooming.

The Flower that Revolutionized Petunias
Ten years after its introduction, everyone still raves about Wave petunias. The number one petunia in the world, Wave is still a garden favorite but don't think it is anything like your grandmother's petunias.

Expect Success with Six New Twists on Garden Favorites!
It's that time of year again: Spring, Mother's Day and time to plant the garden. 'Each year gardeners have great intentions to try new plants,' says Brooke Place, retail brand manager of Ball Horticultural Company, the world's largest breeder-producer of ornamental plants.
Blushing Lilac Infinity Impatien
Blushing Lilac Infinity Impatien

$11.95 Blushing Lilac Infinity Impatien
The Impatiens Infinity™ Blushing Lilac, 'New Guinea Impatien', displays beautiful violet pink flowers with blushes of red. This Proven Winner plant comes from the renowned breeder Ludwig Kientzler. Shade plants are hard to find and New Guenea Impatiens fill that niche with vibrant beauty. The Infinity series has been bred to be grower friendly with well matched vigorous habits and finishing times. Place in moist but not wet, well-drained soil. Fertilize twice a month in beds, every week in containers.For zone 11, this plant can also be a perennial.
Blushing Princess Supertunia Petunia
Blushing Princess Supertunia Petunia

$10.95 Blushing Princess Supertunia Petunia
The Petunia Supertunia ® Blushing Princess, 'Petunia hybrids', are brilliant in color and are very low maintenance. The Blushing Princess has beautiful light lavender flowers. Supertunias are a vigorously trailing species of an everblooming, long-living petunia from Australia. They will provide long-term color in full sun areas throughout the season, and can grow nearly an inch a day. Supertunias grow fast and therefore need ample moisture and fertilzer.For zones 9-11, this plant can also be a perennial.
Montmorency Cherry Tree
Montmorency Cherry Tree

$25.99 Montmorency Cherry Tree
The Montmorency cherry is the most popular sour cherry in America and it is the classic pie cherry tree. Montmorency cherries have proven over the years to be outstanding for cooking and pie-making. The tree ripens the fruit in June and grows about 15 feet tall.The Montmorency cherry tree is self fertile and produces medium sized, dark red, cherries with good flavor and quality. Flesh is clear and yellow in color.
Don't Drown Your Plants, Nurture Them with Micro/Drip Irrigation
Now that spring is here, garden centers across the country are once again bustling with activity. There are house plants, fruit trees and vegetables as far as the eye can see, and they all look great. So how do you keep them looking that way once you get them home?

Learn to Garden from the Masters
Turn on any gardening show on television and in 30 minutes garden gurus transform a pitiful patio into an outdoor oasis. If only it was that simple. Busy homeowners and beginning gardeners are left asking, 'What do I do? What plant, what place?' Now there is a creative solution that truly takes the mystery out of container gardening.

Good News for Gardeners - New Plant Collections are Beautiful and Easy to Grow
Tough and elegant. What better way to describe royalty? That's clematis, 'Queen of the Vines.' But do not fear. You don't have to have a royal garden to enjoy these spectacular flowers.

Is Your Lawn Going Hungry?
If you're concerned about our global environment, try taking better care of your own lawn -- how you take care of your lawn can make our world a cleaner place. Thick, healthy grass reduces erosion, filters pollutants, provides natural cooling and cleaner air. One of the keys to thick, healthy turf is to follow an annual fertilizing program.

Make Your Outdoor Spaces Inviting
With summer approaching, homeowners begin to dream of enjoying their time outside. But in the days of winter it's easy to forget that an inviting outdoor space takes a bit of planning, if you're going to really spend hours in the backyard.