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Good News for Gardeners - New Plant Collections are Beautiful and Easy to Grow
Tough and elegant. What better way to describe royalty? That's clematis, 'Queen of the Vines.' But do not fear. You don't have to have a royal garden to enjoy these spectacular flowers.
Learn to Garden from the Masters
Turn on any gardening show on television and in 30 minutes garden gurus transform a pitiful patio into an outdoor oasis. If only it was that simple. Busy homeowners and beginning gardeners are left asking, 'What do I do? What plant, what place?' Now there is a creative solution that truly takes the mystery out of container gardening.
Hydrangeas for Everyone
Hydrangeas are among the most popular flowering garden plants. Prized for their huge, dramatic flowers, they can literally stop traffic. Yet cold winters and late frosts often damage the flower buds and prevent blooming.
Now's the Time to Start Yard Work
Although many homeowners have been sprucing up their yards for years, their techniques can sometimes stand improvement. Kevin Dube, president of Dube Property Maintenance, Inc. in Methuen, Mass., and Mike Price, manager of Valley Landscaping in Christiansburg, Va., offer these tips.
Ten New Ways to Make a Splash in Your Garden with Wave Petunias
Ten years after they first hit the market, Wave petunias are still making a splash in the garden. Millions of these super performers are planted by gardeners and professionals alike because Wave petunias are blooming machines.
Celebrate Spring by Getting Your Garden in Shape
Spring is just around the corner and that means it's once again time to get your garden ready for the warm weather ahead. So when the snow melts away, here are some tips to prepare your garden for the spring and summer months ahead.
Expect Success with Six New Twists on Garden Favorites!
It's that time of year again: Spring, Mother's Day and time to plant the garden. 'Each year gardeners have great intentions to try new plants,' says Brooke Place, retail brand manager of Ball Horticultural Company, the world's largest breeder-producer of ornamental plants.
Seven Things Consumers Should Know About Green Spaces
As more and more land in the United States is developed, our appreciation for well-managed and maintained green spaces is growing. The term 'green spaces' encompasses elements of the landscape from home and commercial lawns to golf courses, parks and sports turf.
How to Introduce Art into Your Garden
Although our gardens have always teemed with nature's artistic palette -- truly they are already natural works of art -- in the last decade gardeners have seen artists and craftsmen creating objects of distinction solely for garden spaces.
Gardening without a Garden
As days warm and mailboxes burst with garden catalogs, many people begin to find their green thumbs itching to play in the dirt. But if you're one of the countless people for whom a full-fledged garden isn't a possibility, you don't have to give up the vision of bountiful blooms and fresh produce.
Let Containers take a Starring Role in Your Garden
It's easy for containers, even great ones, to get lost in the crowd at ground level. So, how do you set the stage for a winning container garden? Think of your potted plants like the members of an ensemble cast, and let each one shine with star quality.
Flower Power! Wave, the Flower that Revolutionized Petunias, Turns 10
'Show-stopping.' 'Stunning.' 'Spectacular.' Ten years after its introduction, everyone still raves about Wave petunias. The number one petunia in the world, Wave is still a garden favorite but don't think it is anything like your grandmother's petunias.
Don't Drown Your Plants, Nurture Them with Micro/Drip Irrigation
Now that spring is here, garden centers across the country are once again bustling with activity. There are house plants, fruit trees and vegetables as far as the eye can see, and they all look great. So how do you keep them looking that way once you get them home?
Natural Alternatives to Pesticides and Chemicals
When used incorrectly, pesticides can pollute water. They also kill
beneficial as well as harmful insects. Natural alternatives prevent both of
these events from occurring and save you money
Annuals and Perennials
Annuals are plant species that complete an entire life cycle in one growing season. A life cycle includes germination, growth to maturity, blooming, producing seeds and death
Choosing a plant
Perennial flowers are sold both in containers and bare-root. Plants should be healthy and show no signs of disease or nutrient deficiency.
Protect Ornamentals During the Fall
Unless sheltered naturally, young shrubs and other ornamentals may need some help making it through the winter undamaged. Fact is, newly planted ornamentals often need pruning, staking, bracing, wrapping and watering to thrive.
Spring Seed Notes for the Consumer
The spring planting season is upon us as you read this.  What can an informed consumer do to avoid purchasing seed that doesn’t meet his or her expectations?