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(ARA) - It's that time of year again: Spring, Mother's Day and time to plant the garden.

"Each year gardeners have great intentions to try new plants," says Brooke Place, retail brand manager of Ball Horticultural Company, the world's largest breeder-producer of ornamental plants. "But when they walk into the garden center they are overwhelmed with all the choices and end up buying what they know they can grow."

The good news for people who want to update their garden look with something new this spring is that there are now "brands" of flowers and plants that are "goof-proof."

These flowers are easy to grow and care for because they have been selected by experts who recognize super-performers. This should be music to the ears of millions of gardeners who have been left feeling frustrated by poor garden results.

"Ball knows that breeding is what separates the strong from the weak. When a gardener picks out plants in the garden center, it's not always obvious which plants are going to do well over the season. A well-bred plant will resist disease, tolerate more variations in the weather and growing conditions, and be heartier and full," explains Place. "We grow Simply Beautiful plants because they are strong, vigorous plants that deliver easy garden success. The combination of good breeding with our high standards for growing finished plants should make it easier for gardeners to select plants that they can expect success with".

This spring look for a wide range of Simply Beautiful plants including these six goof-proof annuals:

TWICE AS NICE: If you want twice the petal power, try double flowers like Fiesta Double Impatiens or Double Wave petunias. The Fiesta Double Impatiens are one of the easiest plants to grow in the shade and they spread with twice the flower power. These plants are covered with double "rose- like" blooms that will make people think you are growing roses in the shade, adding a touch of elegance to any garden. Hassle-free, you don't need to pinch to keep them lush and full. Fiesta Rose is the new hot color this spring.

For sunny spots, try the Double Wave petunias. These blooming machines spread up to 3 feet in a season and are great in the landscape or in containers! Colors range from lilac to deep rose.

EXPLORE THE EXOTIC: Tropical looks are all the rage. Update your containers with Fusion Impatiens in hot new iridescent colors that really smolder -- Glow, Heat, Infrared, Radiance, and Sunset. Mix and match colors or go monochromatic, the pizzazz is dazzling. These huge flower heads are held high above the foliage for a striking show of hot colors that are sure to grab your attention. Plant them in beds, baskets, or anywhere you'd plant traditional impatiens.

BOOM WITHOUT BLOOM: Foliage is hot this spring, and the bigger the better. New from Simply Beautiful is Kong Coleus, the big boom without the bloom. When you see it you'll want to call it "King" Kong Coleus! It's fabulous foliage, the leaves are as big as a gorilla's hand and the colors are amazingly vivid and rich, newly released tri-colored Kong Mosaic is a show-stopper! Kong loves the outdoors in full shade but can also be used inside in bright light conditions.

SOPHISTICATED SUMMER SNAPDRAGONS : AngelMist Angelonia are free-flowering beauties with orchid like blooms that look like old fashioned snapdragons. But, unlike snapdragons, they thrive in wet and dry conditions and love the heat. Try the unique mounding trailing basket variety; it'll quickly fill your baskets and containers to their brims and overflow with a cascading cachet of color growing 6 inches tall and spreading to 16 inches.

The upright AngelMist is perfect update for beds, borders or even as a home garden cut flower. Their large orchid-like blooms show off a bountiful mist of sophisticated, statuesque style growing 24 inches tall and spreading up to 12 inches. AngelMist trailing varieties are available in Basket White and Basket Purple. The AngelMist upright varieties are available in many colors…new this spring are Lavender Stripe, and a white.

PERPETUAL PETUNIAS: Tired of pinching and plucking your petunias? Wishing they'd spread and fill in more? Try Easy Wave Spreading Petunias and watch them multiply! Easy Wave is more mounded than their sister Wave and you can plant them earlier in the season than other petunias. Easy Wave prefers full sun, moist soil, and a good feeding with an all-purpose fertilizer every two weeks, especially when planted in containers. Look for the brand new Easy Wave Red, the very first true red Wave petunia. If you want perpetual petal power, pick Easy Wave Petunias!

GLORIOUS GROUNDCOVER Flowers Galore! Each Simply Beautiful Landmark Lantana plant spreads up to 2 feet by almost 2 feet! This gorgeous groundcover was bred specifically for landscape use. Landmark is a blooming landscape lovely, with flower heads similar to small geraniums. It's perfect for mass plantings, maintaining control, mounding and filling in beautifully with a bounty of color. Plant in any sunny spot, Landmark loves the heat and also performs well in cooler climates. Try new Flame Improved and new White.

Most people know a gardening guru-type, but the majority of gardeners are admittedly shy to try new plants, or blame themselves for less than stellar results. Simply Beautiful hopes to change that and give gardeners flowers that get great results with minimum fuss.

To add new twist and a little "spring" to your garden, see photos, get more information and care tips, or find places to buy Simply Beautiful plants visit

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