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Unique Statuary and Furniture Add Personality to Your Garden
It is safe to say that one can find garden pieces to fit virtually any budget. A quick visit to the local home center during the warmer months yields a bumper crop of outdoor furniture, statues and accessories designed to appeal to the ephemeral tastes -- and wallets -- of a broad cross section of homeowners.
Spring Cleaning, Backyard Style
Now that the wintry weather is gone and the colorful blooms are back, it's time to think about spring cleaning. But while you're washing windows, scrubbing walls and dusting corners inside the house, don't forget about rolling up those sleeves and giving the outside a once-over, too.
Your Backyard - Room to Play, Room to Grow
While your front yard is a place that welcomes visitors and friends, your backyard is the place for you and your family. A retreat for relaxation, play and time spent together, the backyard is often a combination of gardens, toys and areas for entertaining.
A Home Improvement Project that Will Enhance Your Lifestyle
In the wintertime, people stay inside to avoid the cold. In the springtime, we venture out once again; but before you know it, the bugs will be back with a vengeance and people will be running for cover again; but there is a way you can still enjoy the great outdoors.
Sun or Shade? Retractable Awnings Give Homeowners a Choice
What could be better than sitting on your deck or patio enjoying the warmth of the sun, and the feel of a gentle breeze? Whether you're admiring your garden, entertaining, reading the paper or just daydreaming, a deck or patio is the perfect spot - until it starts to rain, or the heat from the sun gets unbearable.
Spring Into Outdoor Living
Aaah, spring! After the dark days of winter, who doesn't look forward to those first signs of spring and to the warm, extended days ahead: Bright skies, green grass and more time in your outdoor living space. Industry experts agree that outdoor living is a growing trend, with the design and redesign of outdoor rooms becoming increasingly innovative and sophisticated.
Historic and Romantic Gazebos Offer a Quiet Retreat
Amidst the stress of the modern world, nostalgic gazebos are an increasingly popular addition to a deck, garden or backyard setting. A gazebo is a delightful place to retreat from the world, enjoy your garden, read a book or entertain friends.
Make Your Outdoor Spaces Inviting
With summer approaching, homeowners begin to dream of enjoying their time outside. But in the days of winter it's easy to forget that an inviting outdoor space takes a bit of planning, if you're going to really spend hours in the backyard.
Better Than the Original
Many a homeowner has been inspired by the classic gardens and courtyards found at great estates and modern mansions. Stone pathways lead to expansive gardens, lounge chairs line elaborate decks overlooking the lawn and intricate landscape designs provide a lush backdrop.
Retaining Walls Help Create New Space in Your Backyard
If you're like many people, you probably want more usable space in your backyard. But how do you get it without having to buy additional real estate? Today's segmental retaining wall systems are a viable solution.
Six Steps to Backyard Tranquility
With spring comes the desire to start fresh and clean house of all that is stressful. It is the season for lying back and compiling a plan for bringing elements of comfort into your life starting with the great outdoors . . . your backyard.
Give Your Deck a Spring Spruce Up That Will Last For Years
Now that temperatures are warming up, attention is once again shifting to home improvement projects you can do outside. Some people will make painting the house a priority. Others will resurface the driveway or stain and paint the deck, all chores that take a lot of time.
Better Landscaping Starts on Your Roof
Homeowners across the country spend millions of dollars and countless hours improving their landscaping. They carefully select bushes and shrubs based not only on good looks, but also the composition of their soil and the amount of sunlight their property receives.
Exciting New Trends in Pool Design Add Fun, Function
Today's pools are more attractive than ever, serving as the centerpiece of a home's outdoor space. With smart innovations in design and maintenance, these pools are also easy to take care of.
Ease into Spring Projects Using Ergonomic Tools
After a long winter indoors, chances are you are eager to flex your home improvement muscle and tackle the great outdoors. But according to the U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission, each year, more than 400,000 people suffer minor injuries from lawn care and gardening projects.
Create a Backyard Oasis in a Weekend
Is your under-utilized backyard in need of a makeover? Imagine coming home from a hectic day to your very own backyard oasis. Whether you're a novice or highly skilled do-it-yourselfer, creating a water feature or pond in your backyard can be completed in a weekend.
Country Living for City Folks
Ready to trade the traffic, sirens and streetlights for privacy, crickets and stars? Or maybe you've already bought your dream estate and are now wondering how to turn several unkempt acres into the picture postcard image you wished for. More and more people are moving away from the city, whether looking for a place to raise kids or an escape to a quieter life after the kids are grown.
Patio-Ready Clematis Decorate Outdoor Garden Rooms with Columns of Instant Color
Table umbrella, barbeque grill, chaise lounge, clematis. That's right, when decorating your outdoor living room, be sure to remember the clematis. It's all the decoration you'll need to create a finished look.
Don't Let the Sun Set on Your Beautiful Home
The décor inside your home can say a lot about your taste. When guests enter, your choice of furnishings indicates whether you are traditional, stylish, trendy, or contemporary.
Redwood Fences Make Beautiful Neighbors
It's important to make smart choices when you build a fence because you will be looking at it for quite some time. Redwood is a popular choice because of its natural beauty and because it holds up well in all types of weather.
Do-It-Yourself Weekend Projects: Enhancing Outdoor Living
Trellises have been adding character and elegance to outdoor living spaces for years. Better yet, these stylish wooden structures are practical projects that bring everyday elegance to your yard or garden - and can be built in a single weekend.