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Fragrant Sumac
Fragrant Sumac

Latest Price & Discount Fragrant Sumac
The Fragrant Sumac, Rhus aromatica, is a small shrub, most commonly encountered on limestone uplands, occasionally on acidic sites. It occasionally reaches tree size. Fragrant sumac is a pioneer species, establishing rapidly from seed after heavy disturbance, particularly fire. Like other sumacs, it forms clonal clumps, but not as extensively as the other species. Native Americans used the bark of all sumacs as an astringent, and leaves and bark can be used for tanning leather, due to the high tannin content.
Flameleaf Sumac
Flameleaf Sumac

Latest Price & Discount Flameleaf Sumac
The Flameleaf Sumac, Rhus copallina, is a shrub or occasionally a small tree. When left alone it will often form thickets. It is widespread in open uplands along fence rows and in waste places. It is a prolific sprouter after a fire.Leaves have a winged axis and turn flame red to dark purple in the fall, hence the common name. Fruit matures in late summer remaining attached into winter and is eaten by many species of birds and white-tailed deer. White-tailed deer also use it as a browse.
Smooth Sumac
Smooth Sumac

Latest Price & Discount Smooth Sumac
The Smooth Sumac, Rhus glabra, is a shade-intolerant pioneer on heavily disturbed sites, and is particularly common along road and railroad rights-of-way. Usually in clumps of several to many individuals in a clone, rarely more than 25 stems in one clone. Sumac will often be found within the first year following fire. Fruit is important as winter bird food. This is an important deer browse species. It is suited to group plantings in small to large yards. It is especially useful in attracting birds to naturalized yards.
Staghorn Sumac
Staghorn Sumac

Latest Price & Discount Staghorn Sumac