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Ivory Halo Dogwood
Ivory Halo Dogwood

Latest Price & Discount Ivory Halo Dogwood
The Dogwood 'Ivory Halo', Cornus alba 'Bailhalo',also known as tatarian dogwood, is a cultivar that is noted for its compact size, variegated (white-edged) leaves and bright red twigs in winter. It is a rapid-growing, multi-stemmed, suckering, deciduous shrub that grows to a maximum size of 4-6' tall on erect, usually unbranched stems. Fruit is quite attractive to birds and is generally considered to have as much if not more ornamental interest than the flowers. Fall color is variable, but foliage may turn attractive shades of purple-red.
Coral Red Dogwood
Coral Red Dogwood

Latest Price & Discount Coral Red Dogwood
The Coral Red Dogwood, Cornus alba 'Sibirica', has stunning bright red bark which adds color to the winter garden. It has been given an Award of Garden Merit (AM), which is for plants of outstanding excellence.Tolerant of a wide range of soils, it produces the brightest winter bark when planted in full sun. To keep the size of the plant in check and to encourage the most colorful bark, remove a third of the stems back to ground level each spring.
Silky Dogwood
Silky Dogwood

Latest Price & Discount Silky Dogwood
The Silky Dogwood, Cornus amomum, has attractive white, greenish-white or yellow flower clusters in the spring and blue and white fruit in the fall. This plant tolerates poorly drained soils. It is used for hedgerows, windbreaks and for stream bank erosion control.The fruits are bluish in color. The fruit is eaten by game birds, especially important as a source of food for migrating songbirds. The twigs are an important source of winter browse for deer and rabbits. Mature height: a small to medium sized shrub to 12'.
Red Twigged Dogwood
Red Twigged Dogwood

Latest Price & Discount Red Twigged Dogwood
Greytwig Dogwood
Greytwig Dogwood

Latest Price & Discount Greytwig Dogwood
Redosier Dogwood
Redosier Dogwood

Latest Price & Discount Redosier Dogwood
Isanti Dogwood
Isanti Dogwood

Latest Price & Discount Isanti Dogwood
Yellow Twig Dogwood
Yellow Twig Dogwood

Latest Price & Discount Yellow Twig Dogwood