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Prune Trees

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Castleton Prune Tree
Castleton Prune Tree

Latest Price & Discount Castleton Prune Tree
The Castleton prune fruit is of medium size that rarely split. It is one of the best eating prune available. This prune tree is very productive and is relatively small. The prunes are early and are a high quality blue plum, ripening a month before Empress.Dual purpose -- a fine early dessert plum, but also an excellent processing variety. Castleton prunes are freestone; pit does not shatter or split.
Early Italian Prune Tree
Early Italian Prune Tree

Latest Price & Discount Early Italian Prune Tree
The Early Italian prune has dark purple skin with yellow-greenish flesh that runs dark wine color when cooked. It separates freely from pit. This good commercial quality prune variety produces ten days to two weeks ahead of regular Italian.Fruit is large and has a rich flavor and is very sweet when fully ripe. It is used as fresh, dried or canned prunes. Early Italian prunes are vigorous and are a cold hardy tree.
Stanley Prune Tree
Stanley Prune Tree

Latest Price & Discount Stanley Prune Tree
The Stanley Prune has large, sweet, juicy flesh. The dark blue skin enfolds delicious, greenish-yellow meaty flesh. It is a freestone.The Stanley Prune is late blooming, extremely cold hardy and reliable. Harvest is late summer. It needs a pollinator and is a heavy producer.