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Nectarine Trees

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Fantasia Nectarine Tree
Fantasia Nectarine Tree

Latest Price & Discount Fantasia Nectarine Tree
The Fantasia Nectarine is a popular, large, yellow, freestone nectarine. The early harvest fruit is firm-ripe and tangy, later harvest is sweet, with rich flavor. It is high-scoring in taste tests. Eating a fresh nectarine, with the juice running down your chin is a joy of summer. Fantasia Nectarine produces very large fruit, bright red with yellow skin. They are self fruitful and very vigorous. They require pruning and thinning for consistent, quality crops. Moderate fertility and good drainage is a must.
Red Gold Nectarine Tree
Red Gold Nectarine Tree

Latest Price & Discount Red Gold Nectarine Tree
The Red Gold nectarine delivers a high quality fruit with a great shelf life. The fruit is large sized, spherical shape, and it has a deep yellow peel that covers for 50-70% by dark red. The flesh is yellow, highly consistent, and with a good taste. The skin is a glossy red and gold color.It is a very popular variety with medium-high vigour and productivity. Nectarine cultivars do not require cross pollination and set satisfactory crops with their own pollen. The Red Gold is the most widely planted nectarine.
Sunglo Nectarine Tree
Sunglo Nectarine Tree

Latest Price & Discount Sunglo Nectarine Tree
The Sunglo nectarine is big and full of juice. The perfect fresh fruit, this freestone is also ideal for canning and freezing. These immense nectarines will be the feature of your centerpiece or fruit basket. Sunglo nectarines are hardy and highly-productive.With its brilliant red color over a yellow background, this nectarine is always a bright spot. This nectarine features a long storage life and large fruit. The tree is hardy and vigouous.