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Plum Trees

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Autumn Sweet Plum Tree
Autumn Sweet Plum Tree

Latest Price & Discount Autumn Sweet Plum Tree
The Autumn Sweet plum is a new variety and it produces larger plums than Italian. The fruit is oval, fully purple colored, firm and very sweet.It is late blooming and will need a pollinator. This plum dries well and has an excellent shelf life.
Damson Plum Tree
Damson Plum Tree

Latest Price & Discount Damson Plum Tree
The Damson plum has a small, oval fruit, and is good for canning. The dark purple skin covers the golden yellow flesh. It has a spicy, tart flavour. Damsons are used for cooking, jam & wine making. A hardy, tree, largely untroubled by pests and diseases. Damsons succeed where most plums would fail.They are semi-shade tolerant and they grow to 12-14 ft. They make good windbreaks and hedges, though they are not likely to fruit well if they are very exposed. Damsons are mostly self-fertile and cross-pollinate with plums.
Improved Duarte Plum Tree
Improved Duarte Plum Tree

Latest Price & Discount Improved Duarte Plum Tree
The Improved Duarte Plum tree produces very large fruit that is heart shaped and blood red in color. The flavor is excellent and widely regarded as one of the best tasting plums on the market. The fruit dries well and has a long storage life.The fruit has a slightly tart taste when cooked. The tree is a prolific producer of fine quality plums.
Italian Plum Tree
Italian Plum Tree

Latest Price & Discount Italian Plum Tree
Santa Rosa Plum Tree
Santa Rosa Plum Tree

Latest Price & Discount Santa Rosa Plum Tree