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Special Use Seed Mixtures

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All Annual Mix
All Annual Mix

Latest Price & Discount All Annual Mix
Our Famous All-Annual Mixture is the one that makes most customers and clients, literally, "go wild." This rich mix of 23 spectacular wildflowers gives any planting a "look-at-me" blast of color that almost no other kind of landscaping can match. From early bloom (about 4-5 weeks after germination) of baby's breath, cornflower, and red poppies --right into the spectacle of large flowered cosmos up until frost.
All Perennial Mix
All Perennial Mix

Latest Price & Discount All Perennial Mix
This premium mix is a blend of 19 sturdy wild perennials from daisies, black-eyed susans, and lupines to penstemon, mexican hat, and of course, purple coneflower. This is the mix for the serious wildflower gardener who doesn't mind waiting a year for bloom (Most perennials need to go through a winter after germination before blooming.), but who really wants to invest in a permanent planting that should increase in color year after year. The bright orangey-golden blooms will be a highlight of your first year's growth wherever you are planting.
Butterfly Mix
Butterfly Mix

Latest Price & Discount Butterfly Mix
This is a specially designed mixture of 16+ easy-to-grow wildflowers that butterflies and hummingbirds love. The mix includes both wild annuals and perennials, so bloom will begin just 3 to 4 weeks after sprouting, and should return year after year. When and where to plant: Plant in spring or early summer, or in late fall after frost for spring bloom. In warm-winter areas, plant at beginning of rainy season. Choose any bright sunny spot. Butterflies and hummingbirds will find your bright flowers once they bloom.
Drought Tolerant Mix
Drought Tolerant Mix

Latest Price & Discount Drought Tolerant Mix
Low Grow Mix
Low Grow Mix

Latest Price & Discount Low Grow Mix
Partial Shade Mix
Partial Shade Mix

Latest Price & Discount Partial Shade Mix