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When used incorrectly, pesticides can pollute water. They also kill beneficial as well as harmful insects. Natural alternatives prevent both of these events from occurring and save you money. Consider using natural alternatives for chemical pesticides: Non-detergent insecticidal soaps, garlic, hot pepper sprays, 1 teaspoon of liquid soap in a gallon of water, used dishwater, or forceful stream of water to dislodge insects.

Also consider using plants that naturally repel insects. These plants have their own chemical defense systems, and when planted among flowers and vegetables, they help keep unwanted insects away. The table below contains a partial list of nature's alternatives.

Pest Plant Repellent
Ant mint, tansy, pennyroyal
Aphids mint, garlic, chives, coriander, anise
Bean Leaf Beetle potato, onion, turnip
Codling Moth common oleander
Colorado Potato Bug green beans, coriander, nasturtium
Cucumber Beetle radish, tansy
Flea Beetle garlic, onion, mint
Imported Cabbage Worm mint, sage, rosemary, hyssop
Japanese Beetle garlic, larkspur, tansy, rue, geranium
Leaf Hopper geranium, petunia
Mexican Bean Beetle potato, onion, garlic, radish, petunia, marigolds
Mice onion
Root Knot Nematodes French marigolds
Slugs prostrate rosemary, wormwood
Spider Mites onion, garlic, cloves, chives
Squash Bug radish, marigolds, tansy, nasturtium
Stink Bug radish
Thrips marigolds
Tomato Hornworm marigolds, sage, borage
Whitefly marigolds, nasturtium