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And the Chance to Make Your Backyard Dreams a Reality

(ARA) - Is your under-utilized backyard in need of a makeover? Imagine coming home from a hectic day to your very own backyard oasis. Whether you're a novice or highly skilled do-it-yourselfer, creating a water feature or pond in your backyard can be completed in a weekend.

While in-ground ponds are a viable option, above-ground ponds offer the same soothing sound of splashing water and a possible home for fish and plants. They are assembled quickly and inexpensively -- with no digging. The result is a gorgeous and versatile focal point for zero-lot line, small or large backyards that can be tailored to fit any style.

Beckett offers the following easy project for homeowners who are ready to begin exchanging their landscape with their own elegant, above-ground pond using a 20-gallon pond liner. A preformed pond liner is a cost-effective and time saving alternative to using a flexible liner in a pond. The liner serves as a base for a simple circular 20-gallon pond with a decorative enclosed retaining wall. For this project, all you need is a Beckett fountain pump, pavestones, Beckett preformed pond liner, sledgehammer, chisel and Liquid Nails Heavy Duty Construction Adhesive.

Above-ground Pond

1. Build the pond retaining wall -- To prepare the bottom tier on a solid surface, the rear "lips" of the pavestone must be removed with a sledgehammer. Build the bottom of the pond wall 6 inches away from the base of the liner. Begin building the second tier of the pond wall by placing the lip facing downward; making sure it is centered over the gap of the bottom tier.

2. Cut pavestone to size -- To fill in any gaps, prepare to cut down the stone using a sledgehammer. Secure the top row using construction adhesive, leaving two stones unglued in the back for accessibility.

3. Preparing the pumps -- Attach the Beckett extension tube and diverter valve to the pump, fill the preformed liner with water up to 2 inches below the top of the liner. Place pump in the center of the pond. Attach tube of spitter to the diverter valve.

4. Finishing -- Run the pump electrical cord through the opening left in the stones that were not secured with glue. Plug into electrical outlet that is grounded with a GFCI. If needed, the water flow can be adjusted by turning the flow control valve.

Looking for more ways to upgrade your yard? Beckett Corporation, the leading supplier of water gardening products, wants to make your dream a reality with Beckett's Dream Oasis Challenge -- a contest for homeowners who have a vision for creating a unique water garden in their under-utilized yard.

Beginning April 1, 2005 consumers can submit a 250-word maximum essay describing plans for your dream oasis and a photograph of the current under-utilized/unused backyard. The grand prize winner (selected after the June 15th cut-off) will receive Beckett water gardening supplies and components, $3,000 for surrounding landscaping, and a one-day consultation with a professional landscaper who will assist the winner with their plans to create a backyard paradise.

For more project inspiration and contest rules/submission information, visit, call (888) BECKETT or send a self-addressed, envelope to "Beckett's Dream Oasis Challenge" PO Box 359, Dallas, TX, 75240. Beckett water gardening products are also available at The Home Depot, local home improvement and independent lawn and garden stores nationwide.

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