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(ARA) - Homeowners across the country spend millions of dollars and countless hours improving their landscaping. They carefully select bushes and shrubs based not only on good looks, but also the composition of their soil and the amount of sunlight their property receives. When it comes to the landscaping that surrounds their homes, they should also consider how to prevent roof runoff, which can wreck their best attempts at landscaping and put a dent in their wallets as well.

Plants drowned by a cascading torrent of rainwater splashing over clogged gutters don't stand a chance. Of even greater concern is potential home damage. Gutters clogged with everything from leaves and twigs to animal and bird nests can cause rainwater washing over their sides to accumulate in pools around walls and foundations. This can lead to leaky and cracked foundations or flooded basements that can require expensive home repairs.

Climbing a ladder to keep gutters clean and free flowing is a difficult and dirty job that tops the list of homeowner chores most people hate to do. It can also be dangerous. The American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons reports that each year more than 511,000 people are treated in hospital emergency rooms, doctor's offices, clinics and other medical settings because of injuries related to ladder use.

The addition of an effective gutter cover system can eliminate the hassle and worry of gutter cleaning and protect landscaping so that your home can achieve maximum curb appeal. While some products require the total replacement of your existing gutters, adding to the overall cost, Gutter Topper installs over your existing gutters and is compatible with all types of roofing materials including asphalt and slate shingles, wood shakes and ceramic tiles.

With Gutter Topper, water flows easily from the roof into the gutters while leaves fall to the ground. It prevents clogged gutters by keeping out pine needles, leaves and other debris. In a downpour, rainwater flows smoothly through the pre-adjusted openings, following the curved shape right into your gutters. Gutter Topper's patented design is effective because of surface tension, a principle of physics that states that water will flow along the contours of a curved surface.

Gutter Topper has been independently tested by PRI Asphalt Technologies in Tampa, Fla., and is certified to enhance the overall strength of your gutter system, resist winds of 110 mph, withstand torrential rains, and handle ice easily with its unique Ice Release System that allows ice and snow to slide off the gutter during the winter months.

Your local garden center or a professional landscape consultant can provide advice about plants that tolerate extreme amounts of moisture, or the benefits of a french drain system to minimize the possibility of water damage to your home and garden. However, keeping rainwater from your roof and gutters away from your plants and shrubs is your first step towards better landscaping.

For more information about Gutter Topper, call (877) MY TOPPER, or visit

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