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(ARA) - Spring is just around the corner and that means it's once again time to get your garden ready for the warm weather ahead. So when the snow melts away, here are some tips to prepare your garden for the spring and summer months ahead.

* Start on your garden early, in March or April, by cleaning out the garden bed and yard of any winter debris.

* Save leaves and grass clippings from your yard. These items along with twigs can be used to create a mulch pile for the next gardening season. The mulch will help to shield the soil from the sun and reduce water run-off. It will also help to stop weeds from growing in your garden.

* If you have a mulch pile already, put it over the soil in your garden so it covers up approximately 3 inches, and turn it over into the soil.

* Wondering when you should transplant trees and shrubs? A good way is to remember is to do it in any month that has an "R" in it. January, February, March, April, September, October, November and December are all good months for transplanting.

* Make sure you have the right tools for your garden and that they are sharpened and cleaned. Consumer Reports lists nine essential tools for gardening, which include a rake, wheelbarrow, handshovel, and pruner.

* Union tools has created a great new tool to help in your garden activities. The Wet N Dry Rake is perfect for raking wet and dry leaves as well as any yard or garden debris that needs to be cleaned up. With its adjustable tension grip it makes any garden or yard work easy for anyone.

* The Stow N Go Wheelbarrow also by Union Tools is a must for any gardener. It can be used to haul your gardening tools and plants. It can easily be put together and taken apart without tools, making it easy to stow away in a shed or garage and not take up much room at all.

* Plant vegetables that you enjoy eating, that way you'll be able to go out and pick them right from your own backyard. Some popular ones to grow are tomatoes, broccoli and cucumbers.

* It is also a good idea to know what kinds of plants and vegetables you can grow in your area. Not all of them need to be planted at the same time and climates vary from place to place making it difficult to grow particular foods depending on your region.

* Start pulling weeds out now to avoid a rush later on. It's easier to get rid of them when the ground and soil are wet.

With these useful tips you can get your own garden growing in no time! For more information on gardening please visit

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