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pine trees

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Bristlecone Pine
Bristlecone Pine

Latest Price & Discount Bristlecone Pine
The Bristlecone Pine, 'Pinus aristata', is a type of pine tree that can reach an age far greater than that of any other living thing known - up to 5,000 years.It is dense in growth, the shoots set with dark, short needles, five per bundle. The cones which occasion its names are indeed tipped by slender spines or bristles. Looks aside, bristlecone pine is famous because in its arid mountain home of Colorado, New Mexico and Arizona, it can live for thousands of years. In cultivation it proves slow, bushy, dark and enduring of difficult sites.
Mugho Pine
Mugho Pine

Latest Price & Discount Mugho Pine
The Mugho Pine tree, Pinus mugo mughus, may also be called the dwarf mountain pine. This evergreen little dwarf conifer has branching, upright stems evenly covered in 2-inch-long needles of a deep, dark true green. It does require good drainage. Roots grow near the surface, so using a cover soil with a 2-inch-thick mulch to protect them is recommended. These trees are easily transplanted. They make a great landscaping evergreen tree because their shape and size are controllable by shearing.
Austrian Pine
Austrian Pine

Latest Price & Discount Austrian Pine
The Austrian Pine, Pinus nigra, is a densely branched tree producing long dark needles. This evergreen conifer tree thrives in urban locations as well as in windbreaks in more rural settings. The spreading branches of a young tree form a pyramidal outline, but at maturity, it sometimes achieves a picturesque flat topped head. Also good for thick screens or windbreaks. When placed in a good site it should reach 5 ft. in height in 6-7 years starting with a 2 year old seedling.
Ponderosa Pine
Ponderosa Pine

Latest Price & Discount Ponderosa Pine
Eastern White Pine
Eastern White Pine

Latest Price & Discount Eastern White Pine
Scotch Pine
Scotch Pine

Latest Price & Discount Scotch Pine
Loblolly Pine
Loblolly Pine

Latest Price & Discount Loblolly Pine