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dogwood trees

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White Flowering Dogwood
White Flowering Dogwood

Latest Price & Discount White Flowering Dogwood
The White Flowering Dogwood, Cornus Florida, is the ”aristocrat” of flowering trees because it is breathtakingly beautiful with its white blossoms. The White Flowering Dogwood has an excellent show of white blossoms in spring, and bright red berries in fall and winter. The fruit is a bright scarlet, relished by birds, squirrels, and other animals, which often eat the fruit before it colors and matures, usually between September and November. The wood is hard, heavy, strong, very close-grained, and brown to red in color.
Red Flowering Dogwood
Red Flowering Dogwood

Latest Price & Discount Red Flowering Dogwood
The Red Flowering Dogwood tree, Cornus florida, 'Cherokee Chief', exhibits a moderate growth rate. The new growth is red. Red Flowering Dogwood trees have moderate resistance to mildew. The blooms are a beautiful deep lasting ruby red. Fall color is a bright scarlet. Dogwoods make excellent understory trees in a semi-shaded area and are also now being used in conjunction with typical foundation plantings and groundcovers in large beds around a building.
Snow White Flwrng. Dogwood
Snow White Flwrng. Dogwood

Latest Price & Discount Snow White Flwrng. Dogwood
The Snow White Flowering Dogwood tree, Cornus florida, 'Cherokee Princess', exhibits a early and heavy white flowering habit. It is an erect growing white flowering dogwood with a straight central leader that displays four inch flowers.The fall color of the upper leaf surface of the Cherokee Princess Flowering Dogwood is dependably red or red-purple, but the lower leaf surface still retains a silvery hue for a bicolor effect. This deciduous flowering dogwood tree is an excellent ornamental tree.
Pink Flowering Dogwood
Pink Flowering Dogwood

Latest Price & Discount Pink Flowering Dogwood
Kousa Dogwood
Kousa Dogwood

Latest Price & Discount Kousa Dogwood