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buckeye trees

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Ohio Buckeye
Ohio Buckeye

Latest Price & Discount Ohio Buckeye
The Ohio Buckeye tree, Aesculus glabra, derives the name from its large brown seeds, which resemble the eyes of the white-tailed deer. In the spring it produces greenish yellow flowers with protruding stamens, followed by prickly fruits. It is a handsome tree with attractive foliage. The Ohio buckeye is also known as American buckeye, fetid buckeye, and stinking buck-eye.The leaves are dark green above and paler below. This deciduous tree is a good shade tree.
Horsechestnut Buckeye
Horsechestnut Buckeye

Latest Price & Discount Horsechestnut Buckeye
The Horsechestnut Buckeye tree, Aesculus hippocastanum, is a beautiful, round-headed tree perfectly suited for use in smaller yards. This flowering tree has long, dense clusters of single, bright-red flowers and are very attractive and favored by hummingbirds. Horsechestnut Buckeye trees are deciduous. This tree is widely planted in parks, avenues and in large gardens. Fruits have a leathery case covered with short prickles and in autumn release large seeds.
Yellow Buckeye
Yellow Buckeye

Latest Price & Discount Yellow Buckeye
The Yellow Buckeye tree, Aesculus octandra, is an ornamental tree and may also be known as the big buckeye, buckeye, large buckeye, Ohio buckeye, and sweet buckeye. The smallish creamy yellow or occasionally pinkish flowers appear in 6" panicles from late spring to early summer, followed by fruits each with 2 to 4 seeds.The dark green leaves turn yellow before falling. The bark is dark brown, becoming furrowed with age. Yellow Buckeye trees have nuts that are attractive to squirrels.
Dwarf Red Buckeye
Dwarf Red Buckeye

Latest Price & Discount Dwarf Red Buckeye