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birch trees

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River Birch
River Birch

Latest Price & Discount River Birch
The River Birch tree, Betula Nigra, is a very handsome tree for estates, parks, golf courses and any other large areas. It displays a light reddish brown cinnamon bark that peels and flakes to give that beautiful look that the birch family is noted for. Plant as a specimen, or as a windbreak, plant 20’ apart in the row. The River Birch trees are beautiful in the summer and winter, are widely adaptable, and heat tolerant.
Heritage® Birch
Heritage® Birch

Latest Price & Discount Heritage® Birch
The Heritage River Birch tree, Betula nigra, 'Heritage', is the most prominent of all the cultivars of River Birch trees. It is faster growing, has larger, glossier leaves and is less prone to leaf spot than the other species. The bark exfoliates on younger trees and opens to a lighter, salmon-colored trunk. The exposed inner bark is gray-brown to cinnamon-brown to reddish brown. This tree is handsome without leaves because of its graceful silhouette and exfoliating bark.
Paper Birch
Paper Birch

Latest Price & Discount Paper Birch
The Paper Birch tree, Betula papyrifera, is also known as a Paper Birch, White Birch, Canoe Birch. Paper Birch trees are the most widely distributed (east to west) of all North American birches. The graceful form and attractive white bark of paper birch make it a prized species for ornamental planting and landscaping around homes and public buildings The trunk generally divides into several arching branches. This deciduous tree tolerates alkaline soils well. Paper birch are fast growing trees.