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ash trees

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American Beech
American Beech

Latest Price & Discount American Beech
The American Beech tree, Fagus Grandifolia, has a short trunk, with a spreading crown and is a very stately tree.The American Beech grows best in full sun, but will withstand partial shade. This deciduous species has leaves that are a beautiful dark green in the summer and turn to a golden brown fall color. This beech tree is a dense shade tree whose nuts attract birds and squirrels. American Beech trees have a slow to moderate growth rate.
White Ash
White Ash

Latest Price & Discount White Ash
The White Ash tree, Fraxinus Americana, is a handsome native tree. It develops an open and rather round topped crown in its old age. This is the largest of the ash trees in North America. Mature trunks can reach almost 6 feet in diameter. This deciduous tree has firm gray bark with diamond-shaped furrows and interlacing ridges. The wood is hard, strong, elastic, and very useful. Several kinds of birds eat the fruit. The foliage is dark green in the summer and turns to yellow or maroon in the fall. It is tall, stately, and long lived.
Autumn Purple Ash
Autumn Purple Ash

Latest Price & Discount Autumn Purple Ash
The "Autumn Purple" White Ash, Fraxinus americana, 'Autumn Purple', is a seedless male tree and is a cultivar of the species which is native to moist areas. This fast growing White Ash tree grows 2/3 feet per year. It is almost pyramidal with a round top when young, but gradually slows down and develops an oval shape. Autumn Purple Ash trees prefer a sunny location. The Autumn Puple Ash tree makes a great tall shade tree.
Green Ash
Green Ash

Latest Price & Discount Green Ash
Patmore Ash
Patmore Ash

Latest Price & Discount Patmore Ash
Cimmaron Ash
Cimmaron Ash

Latest Price & Discount Cimmaron Ash