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arborvitae trees

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Woodward Arborvitae
Woodward Arborvitae

Latest Price & Discount Woodward Arborvitae
The Arborvitae Woodward, 'Thuja occidentalis 'Wiidwardii', is a compact round plant that never needs trimming to maintain its shape. The Woodward is an excellent foundation plant and it is well suited for a short border or lining a sidewalk. This plant is fast growing for an Arborvitae and it displays bright green foliage. Place the Woodward in moist, acidic, and well drained soils.
American Arborvitae
American Arborvitae

Latest Price & Discount American Arborvitae
The American Arborvitae, Thuja occidentalis, is a conifer evergreen tree that is widely used as an accent tree or as a privacy hedge tree. American Arborvitae trees have a broad pyramidal shape with erect branches that are dense and crowded together. The leaf color is bright green above and pale green below and they may turn a yellow brown is some winters. When established it can stand considerable heat and drought. It may be sheared and shaped to fit into most every landscaping need.
Globe Arborvitae
Globe Arborvitae

Latest Price & Discount Globe Arborvitae
The Pygmy Globe, Thuja occidentalsis, is a globe shaped dwarf arborvitae tree. These Arborvitae trees have bright green foliage. This slow compact growing evergreen tree does not need to be sheared to maintain the globe shape. The Pygmy Globe tree or shrub thrives in full sun or light shade. It has great appeal as a specimen planting or as an accent shrub in a yard or garden area.
Pyramidalis Arborvitae
Pyramidalis Arborvitae

Latest Price & Discount Pyramidalis Arborvitae
Techny Arborvitae
Techny Arborvitae

Latest Price & Discount Techny Arborvitae
Green Giant Arborvitae
Green Giant Arborvitae

Latest Price & Discount Green Giant Arborvitae
Spring Grove Arborvitae
Spring Grove Arborvitae

Latest Price & Discount Spring Grove Arborvitae