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Soil Testing

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Four Way Soil Analyzer
Four Way Soil Analyzer

Latest Price & Discount Four Way Soil Analyzer
About the Four Way Soil Analyzer: The meter has black plastic hosing, with probes that are 3 3/8 inches long. It has a single gauge for all four readings and comes with a complete guide with reading recommendations for most plants.
Home Soil Test Kit
Home Soil Test Kit

Latest Price & Discount Home Soil Test Kit
About the Home Soil Test Kit:The Home Soil Test Kit is easy-to-use and complete with pH ranges and ideal NPK levels for over 100 plants. It tests for pH, nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium and has been adapted for the home gardener. The unique Floc-Ex tablets allow the tests to begin immediately.
pH & Fertilizer Soil Analyzer
pH & Fertilizer Soil Analyzer

Latest Price & Discount pH & Fertilizer Soil Analyzer
About the pH & Fertilizer Soil Analyzer: The meter has black plastic hosing, with probes that are 2.5 inches long. The pH part of the gauge reads 9 through 0 and the fertility part literally reads "too little", "too much", and "ideal".
Step Probe Soil Sampler
Step Probe Soil Sampler

Latest Price & Discount Step Probe Soil Sampler